Valspar Refinish

Valspar Refinish is a premium quality automotive paint and coating. We have the full range of Valspar Refinish products including primers, base colours, metallic, clearcoats and thinners etc. We are professionally trained to mix any car colour into acrylic lacquer, basecoat and 2pack finishes

Custom Spray Packs

Scratch your car? We can mix up the exact colour of your car into a spray can or touch up bottle. All we required is the make and model of the car and the colour code which can be found under the bonnet or on the inside of the door.

Hi-Chem Motor Spray

We stock a huge range of Hi-Chem Motor spray products.

Such as: Body Fillers, Spray on Primers & Puttys, Cutting Compound & Polish, Thinners & Cleaners, Fibreglass Repair Kits and Peel Coat Sprays. We are a one stop shop, you can find everything you need for the job in the one place.

Accessories & Safety

We also stock a wide range of accessories and safety equipment to assist in getting the job done.

Such as: Gravity Feed Spray Gun, Masks, Overalls, Gloves, Mixing Cups, Paint Stirrers, Tack Cloths, Wet & Dry Sand Paper, Buffing Pads, Tapes & Plastics.